AUG | Midnight Lily

AUG | Midnight Lily

The St. Marc Collection

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Description of Midnight Lily

Appearance history

In the twilight hours of November 18, 2019, the AUG | Midnight Lily emerged into the digital armory as a segment of The St. Marc Collection. This collection unfurled in tandem with the commencement of Operation Shattered Web.

Pattern description

Adorned with a holographic tapestry of lilies that bloom and shift hues, the AUG's chassis is a study in understated elegance. A monochromatic magazine complements the design, while the weapon's individual components retain their original, unembellished state.

Effect of float

The AUG | Midnight Lily's Float Value oscillates between 0.00 and 0.50, ensuring its presence across the spectrum of conditions. Even in the pristine Factory New attire, the unadorned segments betray initial signs of wear. Advancing towards the zenith of wear, the weapon's exterior is etched with pronounced abrasions.

Pattern difference

The texture overlay is at the mercy of the pattern index, yet this firearm lacks the idiosyncrasies of rare or extraordinary pattern deviations.

Skin Features

Classified as Restricted, the AUG | Midnight Lily boasts a quality that is both exclusive and elusive. Bereft of a StatTrak tally and devoid of a souvenir variant, it stands in its own class.

Skin popularity

Presently, the AUG | Midnight Lily enjoys a reputation of moderate acclaim among enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 318.26
$ 296.64
$ 292.74
$ 125.73
$ 121.32


18 Total: 2 Covert, 2 Classified, 4 Restricted, 5 Mil Spec, 5 Industrial Grade, 6 Consumer Grade