AWP | Fever Dream

AWP | Fever Dream

The Spectrum Collection

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Description of Fever Dream

Appearance history

The AWP | Fever Dream, a figment of the Workshop's imagination, made its debut on January 22, 2016. It was ushered into the game's arsenal on March 15, 2017, as a segment of The Spectrum Collection. This collection's unveiling coincided with the 'Take a trip to the Canals' update, and the skin's inception can be credited to the designer Apel.

Pattern description

Enveloped in the obsidian hues of the night, the rifle's chassis is embellished with a tapestry of juvenile illustrations, rendered in hues of alabaster, roseate, and cerulean crayons. This whimsical montage features a menagerie of fantastical beasts and cryptic inscriptions such as 'Wolves are at my door', 'Living Dead', and '#Headshot'. The ornamentation is further enhanced by esoteric designs that grace the scope, handguard, and grip, while the barrel stands in stark contrast, devoid of any paint.

Effect of float

The AWP | Fever Dream's Float Value oscillates between 0.00 and 0.55, ensuring its availability across the spectrum of conditions. Initial signs of wear manifest on the buttstock and handguard when the skin is barely worn. As the wear approaches its zenith, the weapon's exterior is marred by pronounced abrasions.

Pattern difference

The visual essence of the skin remains unaltered by the whims of the pattern index.

Skin Features

The AWP | Fever Dream is distinguished as a Classified quality item. It boasts the availability of a StatTrak variant and is a constituent of the illustrious 'Fever Dream' series.

Skin popularity

The AWP | Fever Dream enjoys a considerable degree of veneration among its counterparts, frequently making its presence known within the game.

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 13.91
$ 10.10
$ 8.34
$ 8.34
$ 8.10
★ StatTrak™
$ 33.86
$ 25.07
$ 19.22
$ 20.55
$ 16.58


Spectrum Case

17 Total: 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 6 Restricted, 8 Mil Spec