CZ75-Auto | Distressed

CZ75-Auto | Distressed

The Prisma 2 Collection

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Description of Distressed

Appearance history

The CZ75-Auto | Distressed made its debut in the digital armory on the final day of March in the year 2020, arriving as an integral part of The Prisma 2 Collection. This unveiling coincided with the advent of the 'Clearing Out the Cobwebs' update, and the skin's existence sprang from the creative wellspring of an individual known as Teo~.

Pattern description

Adorned with a capricious layer of copper tint, the CZ75-Auto's chassis presents a visage of wear. A textured plate graces the grip, enhancing its tactile allure. The barrel, magazine, and sundry minuscule components remain untouched by the patina's embrace.

Effect of float

The Float Value spectrum for the CZ75-Auto | Distressed stretches from the nadir of 0.00 to the zenith of 1.00, permitting its manifestation across the entire gamut of conditions. Even when newly minted, the weapon's facade bears the marks of time, with scratches and abrasions that proliferate and deepen as the wear ascends towards its apogee.

Pattern difference

Indifference to the pattern index is a characteristic of the skin, as it holds no sway over the CZ75-Auto's outward appearance.

Skin Features

The CZ75-Auto | Distressed is classified under the Mil-Spec Grade tier, and it boasts the potential for a StatTrak feature, elevating its desirability among collectors and combatants alike.

Skin popularity

As it stands, the CZ75-Auto | Distressed enjoys a reputation of moderate acclaim within the community.

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 0.26
$ 0.10
$ 0.05
$ 0.05
$ 0.07
★ StatTrak™
$ 1.13
$ 0.26
$ 0.12
$ 0.11
$ 0.10


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