Arc Warden

Arc Warden






Character description

Arc Warden, a character of ranged prowess, boasts agility as his innate forte. Predominantly, this hero is deployed to the tranquil lane as a formidable carry or assumes the role of a midlaner in the central battlefield. His potency crescendos in the twilight of the contest.

Role description

In the waning hours of the game, the character's strength burgeons, chiefly due to the Tempest Double ability, which empowers him to clandestinely advance lanes, partake in skirmishes, and harvest resources in terra incognita. During the dawn of the match, Arc Warden emerges as a formidable adversary against solitary foes, courtesy of his Flux and Spark Wraith talents. The Magnetic Field spell proves invaluable in both the siege and safeguarding of bastions. With the acquisition of Aghanim's Shard, the Magnetic Field gains the capacity to diminish the onslaught of hostile incantations, while Aghanim's Scepter transmutes Spark Wraith into a potent tool for early dominion and harassment.

Character lore

In the epoch before epochs, an entity lingered in the void, yet with the cosmos' birth cry, it sundered into the Radiant and the Dire, embroiled in relentless enmity, warping the very fabric of reality to their belligerent whims. Zet endeavored to quell the cacophony, but as his vigor waned, he fragmented into a myriad of shards. Battling its intrinsic schism, Zet hurtled towards the escalating fray of its kin, coercing its splintered volitions towards a singular denouement: the primordial consciousness must be reconciled, or all shall succumb to oblivion, preventing the strife from unfurling further.