Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight






Character description

Chaos Knight, a vanguard of melee combatants, boasts a formidable constitution as his principal attribute. Predominantly stationed in the offlane as the third pick or assuming the mantle of a carry within the safe lane, he flourishes in the tumultuous throes of mid to late engagements.

Role description

In the theater of war, Chaos Knight excels in both mass confrontations and isolated skirmishes. His Chaos Bolt talent is superb for commencing hostilities, while Reality Rift permits a swift diminution of the gap to his quarry, simultaneously enfeebling them. This tactic proves particularly potent against adversaries of the ranged ilk. With Chaos Strike, his passive prowess, he can endure even the most arduous of lanes with ease. Conjuring duplicates through Phantasm, he presents yet another formidable challenge in combat. Procuring Aghanim's Scepter bestows his Phantasm the boon to ally with comrades, thereby amplifying the ferocity of team clashes. The addition of Aghanim's Shard refines Chaos Bolt, occasionally enabling the vanquishment of a frail foe sans engagement.

Character lore

Originating from a realm vastly anterior to our own, where the rudimentary edicts of existence are endowed with cognizance, Chaos Knight emerges as the corporeal embodiment of turmoil. In his wake, the harbinger of entropy, mortality invariably ensues.



Offhand Weapons