Elder Titan

Elder Titan






Character description

Elder Titan strides as a combatant of melee prowess, his essence rooted in vigor. Predominantly, this stalwart is marshaled as a formidable offlaner or a stalwart ally in support. His dominion lies within the nascent and median phases of the skirmish.

Role description

In the tumult of conflict, Elder Titan unveils his zenith of might. With the harmonious concert of Astral Spirit and Echo Stomp, he incapacitates adversaries from afar, accruing an augmentation with each entity ensnared by Astral Spirit, rendering him a formidable presence in the early stages. The boon of Aghanim's Shard propels Elder Titan into the fray with alacrity, whilst Aghanim's Scepter bestows upon him an arcane shield against sorcery for each foe marked by the Astral Spirit. His innate ability, Natural Order, insidiously erodes the foundational armor of his enemies, proving him a scourge to those of the Agility ilk. An inherent resistance to the arcane bolsters his capacity to inflict grievous spell damage as the endgame looms. With the ultimate ability, Earth Splitter, he wields a spell that scales with the waning battle, its percentage-based damage amplifying its lethality as adversaries grow in power.

Character lore

Since the dawn of epochs, Titans have held dominion. The entity recognized as Elder Titan emerged as a preeminent artisan, one who apprenticed in the crucible of genesis. Amidst refining his craft, he plummeted into the abyss of his own fractured cosmos, a sundered spirit. In perpetuity, he quests to forge a remedy, to amalgamate the fragments of his cloven essence, that both he and the cosmos might be restored to wholeness.