Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit






Character description

Xin, known as Ember Spirit, is a combatant of melee orientation. His predominant attribute is that of agility, and he is customarily deployed as a combatant in the middle lane. He shines brightest in the nascent and median phases of the skirmish.

Role description

Xin's role is typified by his exceptional agility and elusive nature, rendering him a formidable adversary to ensnare. His prowess is notably evident through the Sleight of Fist and Fire Remnant faculties, which inflict considerable havoc amidst clashes and expedite lane propulsion. While direct physical engagements are not his preference, his arsenal, including Searing Chains and Flame Guard, equips him to contend in close quarters as the battle progresses. The acquisition of Aghanim's Shard and Aghanim's Scepter augments his Fire Remnant utility, further enhancing his dexterity in victorious encounters.

Character lore

Through aeons, Xin, the sage, imparted his disciples with a litany of mantras to hone both psyche and physique. Yet, the path of the warrior he promulgated drew forth adversaries of equal mettle. Vanquished and fallen, the Burning Celestial hurled himself into the Fortress of Flares, rekindling the extinguished cinders. From the incandescent ashes, a semblance of Xin arose, enshrouded in fervent flames, his pensive visage set to enlighten, instruct, and disseminate the incandescent wisdom to those in pursuit of enlightenment.




Offhand Weapons