Character description

Invoker stands at a distance, wielding his intelligence as his principal attribute. This hero typically assumes the role of a midlaner, showcasing his prowess in the intermediate and latter stages of the contest.

Role description

Wielding the Invoke ability, the hero melds the Wex, Quas, and Exort spheres to manifest a myriad of capabilities: bolstering himself or an ally with Alacrity's enhancement or conjuring Forge Spirits to facilitate the acquisition of creeps and erode adversarial fortifications during the laning phase. In the game's nascent moments, the E.M.P. ability proves invaluable, sapping the mana from multiple foes simultaneously. Tornado empowers the character to spearhead engagements, strip away buffs, or ensnare adversaries. Ice Wall impedes those caught within its chilling expanse. Chaos Meteor inflicts grievous harm, capable of engulfing numerous adversaries. With the acquisition of Aghanim's Shard, adversaries will find it increasingly arduous to evade this spell. Should an enemy elude Invoker's comrades, caution is advised against the Sun Strike spell, which can target even the sanctuary of an opponent's fountain. Enhanced by Aghanim's Scepter, Invoker's capacity for orchestrating team skirmishes ascends, particularly when allied with a compatriot capable of mass incapacitation. Moreover, Deafening Blast proves indispensable, momentarily nullifying enemy vanguards who depend on their martial prowess. Lastly, Ghost Walk offers Invoker both concealment and the means to uncover hidden foes, thus augmenting his safety as he traverses the map.

Character lore

In the verdant days of his youth, Invoker mastered an array of ten incantations. Amongst these, one was of such formidable power that its echoes linger visibly to this day. Within Invoker's mind resides not only an immeasurable estimation of his own grandeur but also the Invocations with which he beguiles himself as he watches the protracted twilight of the world's waning epochs.