Character description

Marci is a melee character. Her primary attribute is strength. The hero is mainly taken as a support. Most effective in the early and mid game.

Role description

Marcy is a very durable support. At the laning stage, few can compete with her and her allies because of her Sidekick ability. Thanks to the Rebound spell, Marcy is able to quickly overtake enemies at close range and make them easy prey with help of the Dispose ability. Aghanim's Shard allows Rebound to switch the ability’s mechanics depending on the situation. The Unleash ultimate makes Marcy a dangerous hero who alone can confront many heroes, and with the purchase of Aghanim's Scepter, each ability will deal additional damage weakening enemies around Marcy.

Character lore

Marci's origins are known to nameless few. To allies, she serves as fierce and honest companion. To enemies, she acts as dauntless deterrence against harming any she deems friend. She'll decimate those who think to test her, but those who earn her favor will have an unflappable confidant for life.