Monkey King

Monkey King






Character description

The Monkey King thrives in melee combat, with agility as his core attribute. Predominantly, he ventures into the easy lane, adopting the role of a carry. He shines brightest during the initial and intermediate phases of the skirmish.

Role description

In the theatre of conflict, Monkey King emerges as a formidable force during the laning act, courtesy of his Jingu Mastery and Boundless Strike. These abilities empower him to exchange blows with adversaries and harvest swathes of creeps with finesse. His Tree Dance endows him with exceptional agility, enhancing his reconnaissance capabilities. The Mischief skill is a multifaceted tool, enabling subterfuge to elude pursuers, launch surprise assaults, or evade incoming strikes. The acquisition of Aghanim's Shard propels his velocity. Wukong’s Command, his ultimate, conjures a domain where adversaries find themselves at a disadvantage in combat. The Aghanim's Scepter fortifies Monkey King's prowess, bolstering his capacity to engage foes, accelerate his farming, and dismantle structures with increased vigor.

Character lore

For a quintet of centuries, a mountain bore down upon Sun Wukong, yet his cranium alone remained unscathed by the oppressive weight of his rocky bastille. The masses presumed his demise, a punishment meted out by deities for his insurrection against the celestial order. Yet, an epoch arrived when the divinities proffered redemption. Sun Wukong embraced this offering with pride, ascending to their divine congregation. And what could surpass the triumph of once more outfoxing the immortals?