Character description

Oracle, a hero with a proclivity for ranged combat, boasts intelligence as his dominant trait. This sagacious support finds his strength in the easy lane, thriving in the crucible of early and mid-game skirmishes.

Role description

Oracle's arsenal is replete with the capacity to extricate an ally from the precipice of demise. His Purifying Flames can either dispatch a foe with a coup de grâce or bestow rejuvenation upon an ally. Fate's Edict can either render an adversary's weapon futile or shield an ally from the onslaught of arcane assaults. With Fortune's End, Oracle can ensnare a fleeing enemy, initiate a confrontation, or cleanse allies of pernicious afflictions. The spell False Promise stands as a bastion of salvation, and with the acquisition of Aghanim's Shard, Oracle gains the boon of elusiveness, cloaked in invisibility. Should he wield Aghanim's Scepter, the heavens themselves partake in battle, as the Rain of Destiny descends upon foes in the throes of combat.

Character lore

In an epoch where the stone-helmed sovereigns dwindled to but one, a seer by the name of Nerif, known as Oracle, made his advent. The terminal monarch, known as the Last Graven King, vaunted that in adopting Nerif, he had ensnared Fate itself in his grasp. Yet, ensnared in a paradox, the king's intellect fractured, unable to reconcile the dualities of triumph and downfall. The circumspect Cymurri conclave, in their bid to banish the enigmatic Oracle, expelled him from their cosmos, seeking to efface his presence for eternity.