Outworld Destroyer

Outworld Destroyer






Character description

Outworld Destroyer, a hero of considerable range, wields intelligence as his chief attribute. Predominantly, this formidable entity assumes the role of a midlaner, showcasing his prowess in the game's intermediate and terminal phases.

Role description

A maestro of magical havoc, Outworld Destroyer excels at unleashing copious arcane assaults. In duels, his Arcane Orb is the bane of those clad in the mightiest armaments. Astral Imprisonment serves a dual purpose: a tool for securing the demise of adversaries and a boon for the preservation of comrades. With the augmentation of Aghanim's Shard, this incantation grants allies the boon of unhindered movement amidst the tumult. Further empowered by Aghanim's Scepter, the frequency of this spell's invocation is greatly enhanced. The Essence Flux ensures a near inexhaustible reservoir of mana for Outworld Destroyer. In the crucible of team conflict, Sanity's Eclipse is his ultimate gambit, inflicting devastating damage over a vast expanse, its potency magnified against the brawn of strength and the agility of nimble warriors.

Character lore

The Harbinger has whiled away an aeon amidst the serrated, crystalline expanses of the Outworld, his essence attuned to the cosmic order's intricate tapestry. Oblivious to the tumultuous events spiraling inward towards the solar embrace, it was the Ancients' strife and a burgeoning peril that compelled his odyssey sunward, into the fray of ceaseless skirmishes.