Character description

Phoenix, a combatant from afar, wields strength as its chief attribute. This valiant hero is typically enlisted as a support or occupies the demanding offlane position. It shines brightest during the commencement and intermediate stages of the skirmish.

Role description

The arsenal of Phoenix's capabilities renders it an invaluable comrade amidst the tumult of team clashes. Its Fire Spirits and the awe-inspiring Supernova compel adversaries to choose between a strategic withdrawal or a confrontation on less than advantageous grounds. In moments when an ally teeters on the brink of demise, the transformative power of Aghanim's Scepter can overturn the direst of fates, thrusting them back into the fray. Icarus Dive offers the hero both an ingress into the heart of battle and a swift egress. Moreover, Sun Ray serves as a formidable tool of destruction against foes and a potent healing balm for comrades, which, with the acquisition of Aghanim's Shard, can be harnessed in concert with Supernova.

Character lore

From the inaugural sun of the Keeper, an energy so potent erupted, culminating in a stellar supernova. Henceforth, the eternal dance of genesis and resurgence was set into motion, begetting the entity known as Phoenix. This nascent solar progeny assumed an earthly guise, intent on bestowing its benign radiance upon those in dire need, and perchance, to embrace its celestial fate.




Ability Ultimates