Primal Beast

Primal Beast






Character description

The Primal Beast is a brawler of melee orientation, whose sinews are woven with the essence of sheer strength. As a combatant, it thrives in the role of a hardlaner, exhibiting prowess during the nascent and intermediate phases of the skirmish.

Role description

Arsenals such as Trample and Onslaught arm the Primal Beast with the capabilities of a veritable engine of annihilation. From the outset, the creature is poised to assert its dominance over adversaries. The Uproar, a latent talent, fortifies its capacity to engage in combat exchanges with formidable efficacy. The boon of Aghanim's Scepter magnifies this talent, proving invaluable against adversaries endowed with potent passive endowments. In the tumult of collective combat, the Pulverize ability emerges as a pivotal force, particularly amidst a congregation of foes. The endowment of Aghanim's Shard bestows the Rock Throw, a tactical maneuver that hurls a boulder to a designated locus, incapacitating the opposition with a stun.

Character lore

Innate to the Primal Beast is a void, devoid of sentiments save for the primal urges of torment and ravenousness. Those who found themselves impotent in taming this feral entity cast it out to a realm anew in a fit of desperation. Unshackled from the chains of Gleipnir, it once more embarks upon a trail fraught with carnage and ruination.