Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit






Character description

Storm Spirit, a hero with a penchant for ranged combat, boasts intelligence as his primary attribute. Predominantly, this hero thrives in the midlane, exhibiting his prowess most formidably in the game’s intermediate and latter stages.

Role description

Storm Spirit reigns as one of the most agile champions, courtesy of his Ball Lightning talent, which permits him to traverse vast expanses with impunity and inflict harm proportional to the journeyed span. A formidable combatant, he amasses wealth swiftly by harnessing the Static Remnant and Overload capabilities, which enable him to exchange blows with finesse and decimate clusters of adversaries. The Electric Vortex augments his combat efficacy, and with the acquisition of Aghanim's Scepter, adversaries find themselves compelled to disperse in skirmishes. The addition of Aghanim's Shard empowers Storm Spirit and his comrades to unleash amplified havoc in clashes, particularly against phantasmal adversaries and conjurers.

Character lore

Once a mere elementalist known as Thunderkeg, he dared to invoke a proscribed incantation to beckon the tempest's essence, pleading for precipitation. The Storm Celestial, in its wrath, ravaged the earth, purging it with gales and deluge. Subsequently, Thunderkeg ensnared the Celestial within his corporeal confines. In their confluence, Thunderkeg's infinite mirth merged with Raijin's frenetic vigor, giving rise to Raijin Thunderkeg, a jovial deity incarnate, treading upon the mortal coil.