Character description

Terrorblade, a dexterous melee combatant, possesses the capacity to extend his reach, transitioning into a ranged mode. His predilection for agility marks him as a formidable presence. Predominantly, this champion strides the easy lane, adopting the role of a carry, with his prowess burgeoning in the game's intermediate and twilight phases.

Role description

Even during the initial skirmishes of the laning stage, Terrorblade stands as a formidable combatant, courtesy of the Metamorphosis ability—a formidable enhancement that empowers him to reign supreme in the contest for creeps. In the tumult of team clashes, this skill, along with Sunder, becomes pivotal, possessing the potential to invert the tide of battle. The Reflection ability proves its worth against adversaries who boast formidable physical onslaughts, curtailing their agility, a boon in collective confrontations. Conjure Image bequeaths Terrorblade the ability to cultivate the map's resources with relative impunity, while simultaneously amplifying his damage output in the fray. The acquisition of Aghanim's Shard bestows upon him the Daemon Zeal, a temporary augmentation, while Aghanim's Scepter unlocks the Terror Wave—a versatile incantation that can be wielded to initiate or counter depending on the unfolding scenario.

Character lore

Imprisoned for his nefarious deeds, the demon marauder known as Terrorblade found himself confined within the somber confines of Foulfell. Within this shadowy antithesis of reality, where demons are doomed to peer endlessly into the distorted abyss of their own essence, Terrorblade claimed dominion over the vilest version of himself. Having tamed the savage spirit within, he shattered his incarcerating bastille, unleashing his dread upon the cosmos.