Treant Protector

Treant Protector






Character description

The Treant Protector emerges as a formidable melee combatant, boasting robustness as his primary attribute. This stalwart hero is frequently deployed to the arduous lane, fulfilling the role of a semi-support. His prowess shines brightest in the nascent and intermediate phases of the skirmish.

Role description

The Treant Protector wields Nature's Grasp with devastating effect, its high assault potency rendering it a perilous incantation in the game's dawn. In concert with Leech Seed, the duo thwarts the retreat of adversaries, ensuring that few can elude the grasp of the Treant and his comrade. Living Armor stands as a bastion of defense, its restorative enchantment extending even to fortifications, mending them to their pristine state. Nature's Guise, a latent talent, bestows the hero with the cunning to vanish amidst arboreal cover or navigate to otherwise inaccessible locales, and with the acquisition of Aghanim's Shard, the boon of obfuscation. Overgrowth, an ability of enduring utility, empowers the hero to ensnare even the most agile of foes. With the Aghanim's Scepter in his possession, the Treant Protector gains Eyes in the Forest, enhancing his team's surveillance across the terrain, and ensuring that Overgrowth's reach extends wherever he has invoked this potent skill.

Character lore

Beyond the Vale of Augury, amidst the towering peaks, lies a realm hallowed by the custodians of nature. Alas, a day came when these sanctified grounds fell to invasion. Thus, the Treant Protector embarked upon an odyssey into the expansive world, with a mandate to roam until the resurgence of the glaciers, all the while unraveling the enigmatic perils looming over their consecrated earth.