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Description of Hot Shot

Appearance history

The Five-SeveN | Hot Shot made its debut within the virtual armory on the 8th of August, 2014, emerging as part of The Cache Collection concomitant with the advent of the 'Cologne 2014' update.

Pattern description

Adorning the firearm's chassis is a coat of ecru, while its slide boasts a monolithic slate hue. Scattered components of the armament are tinged with a pallid chartreuse.

Effect of float

The skin's Float Value spans from the pristine 0.00 to the well-worn 1.00, ensuring the Five-SeveN | Hot Shot's availability across all states of wear. Even in the Factory New echelon, the weapon's body bears minute marks of wear. As the wear approaches its zenith, the paint is effaced over half its initial coverage.

Pattern difference

The visual essence of the skin remains unaltered by the whims of the pattern index.

Skin Features

Classified as Industrial Grade, the Five-SeveN | Hot Shot boasts the potential for a souvenir rendition.

Skin popularity

Currently, the Five-SeveN | Hot Shot is not ensconced among the echelons of prevalent skins and its presence is a rarity in the gaming milieu.

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Relevant Prices for Five-SeveN

Relevant prices for Hot Shot skin on vpesports are listed below.

Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 9.48
$ 2.53
$ 1.69
$ 1.41
$ 1.15
$ 28.31
$ 5.22
$ 1.49
$ 0.90
$ 0.98


Atlanta 2017 Cache Souvenir Package

13 Total: 3 Restricted, 6 Mil Spec, 7 Industrial Grade