Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo

Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo

The Arms Deal Collection

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Description of Dragon Tattoo

Appearance history

The inception of Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo into the virtual armory occurred on the 14th of August, 2013, as an integral component of The Arms Deal Collection, concomitant with the unveiling of the 'The Arms Deal' update.

Pattern description

Adorning the slide of the Glock-18 is a chromatic grey metallic veneer, embellished with the depiction of a serpentine Chinese dragon, executed in the venerable style of Asian body art. The weapon's remaining segments remain devoid of any artistic application.

Effect of float

The Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo's Float Value oscillates between 0.00 and 0.08, ensuring its availability exclusively in conditions of Factory New and Minimal Wear. Notably, even at Factory New status, the muzzle bears the subtle marks of wear. As the wear ascends towards its zenith, the abrasions expand marginally in their dimensions.

Pattern difference

Variability in the pattern index influences the precise positioning of the dragon upon the slide, yet there are no rare or exceptional pattern deviations to be found.

Skin Features

The Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo is classified as Restricted quality and offers the possibility of a StatTrak variant.

Skin popularity

Presently, the Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo enjoys a reputation of moderate acclaim amongst enthusiasts.

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Relevant Prices for Glock-18

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 93.98
$ 92.00
★ StatTrak™
$ 268.59
$ 217.91


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9 Total: 2 Covert, 3 Classified, 4 Restricted, 4 Mil Spec