★ Gut Knife | Doppler Phase 1

★ Gut Knife | Doppler Phase 1

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Inspection of skin in CS 2

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Description of Doppler Phase 1

Appearance history

In the early days of 2015, precisely on the 8th of January, the digital armory of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was graced with the Gut Knife | Doppler Phase 1. This addition was part of the 'Full Spectrum' update, and the skin was made procurable through all iterations of 'Chroma' cases.

Pattern description

Crafted with metallic hues, the blade boasts an ornate design of diaphanous, undulating striations akin to vaporous swirls. The aesthetic of the weapon is a tapestry of twilight blues, regal purples, and rosy pinks, which coalesce into a seamless gradient. Contrasting the embellished blade, the handle retains its wooden essence, untouched by paint.

Effect of float

The Gut Knife | Doppler Phase 1's Float Value oscillates between 0.00 and 0.08, restricting its conditions to Factory New and Minimal Wear. Approaching the zenith of wear, the knife reveals distinct scars and wear marks along its dorsal ridge and at the blade's base near the coupling with the handle.

Pattern difference

Intricacies of the pattern index influence the chromatic balance and the distribution of the dark blue, purple, and pink hues. Variants devoid of pink on the blade's play side are reminiscent of the Gut Knife | Doppler Black Pearl and are colloquially known as 'Fake Black Pearl'.

Skin Features

The Gut Knife | Doppler Phase 1 is classified as Covert in quality. It features the coveted StatTrak technology and shares a kinship in scarcity with phases 3 and 4. This skin is part of the esteemed 'Gut Knife | Doppler' collection.

Skin popularity

The 'Doppler Sapphire' variant is a coveted treasure among the M9 Bayonet skins, garnering a legion of admirers. Despite its popularity, the skin's lofty valuation renders it a rare spectacle in the game.

Relevant Prices for ★ Gut Knife

Relevant prices for Doppler Phase 1 skin on vpesports are listed below.

Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 267.36
$ 252.03
★ StatTrak™
$ 262.87
$ 492.56


Chroma 2 Case

17 Total: 3 Default, 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 6 Mil Spec, 5 Restricted, 2 Industrial Grade