★ Karambit | Doppler Black Pearl

★ Karambit | Doppler Black Pearl

Class of skin

Wear limits

Inspection of skin in CS 2

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Description of Doppler Black Pearl

Appearance history

The inception of Karambit | Doppler Black Pearl (Kara BP) into the virtual armory occurred on the 8th of January, 2015, concomitant with the deployment of the 'Full Spectrum' update. This skin is procurable within the confines of all 'Chroma' case assortments.

Pattern description

Crafted with lustrous metallic pigments, the knife's blade boasts an ornamental motif of diaphanous, undulating striations akin to vapor. Its aesthetic palette weaves an intricate tapestry of cerulean, violet, and sanguine hues, yielding seamless gradient transitions, while the grip remains devoid of embellishment.

Effect of float

The Float Value spectrum for this skin extends from a pristine 0.00 to a slightly marred 0.08, positioning the Karambit | Doppler Black Pearl exclusively within the echelons of Factory New and Minimal Wear states. Proximal to its maximal wear threshold, the blade exhibits discrete signs of wear, notably at the blade's core, along the periphery of the ring, and adjacent to the handle's juncture.

Pattern difference

Influencing the chromatic balance and spatial arrangement of the blue, violet, and crimson segments, the pattern index is a determinant of visual variance. However, this skin's design lacks any special or elusive pattern iterations.

Skin Features

Ascribed the designation of Covert quality, the Karambit | Doppler Black Pearl is endowed with the option for StatTrak technology and is acknowledged as the most elusive, albeit not the pinnacle of monetary value within the 'Karambit | Doppler' series.

Skin popularity

The 'Doppler Phase 2' skin enjoys a distinguished status as one of the most sought-after aesthetics for the M9 Bayonet. Amassing a substantial cohort of aficionados, it is deemed to possess greater worth compared to its counterparts in phases 1, 3, or 4.

Relevant Prices for ★ Karambit

Relevant prices for Doppler Black Pearl skin on vpesports are listed below.

Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 3562.00
$ 3500.00
★ StatTrak™
$ 5200.00
$ 8060.91


Chroma 2 Case

17 Total: 3 Default, 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 6 Mil Spec, 5 Restricted, 2 Industrial Grade