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Description of Fade

Appearance history

The M9 Bayonet | Fade entered the fray of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the advent of 'The Arms Deal' update, a momentous occasion dated August 14, 2013. This particular armament is ensconced within 11 distinct weapon cases, all of which were unveiled between the years 2013 and 2015.

Pattern description

Adorned with a lustrous chrome finish, the blade and guard of this knife are embellished with a diaphanous coating, yielding a mesmerizing gradient of hues that dance between shades of amethyst, cerise, and daffodil. The hue distribution is subject to the whims of the pattern index, while the grip stands in stark contrast, devoid of coloration.

Effect of float

The M9 Bayonet | Fade boasts a Float Value spectrum stretching from the pristine 0.00 to a slightly tarnished 0.08, confining its condition to the echelons of Factory New and Minimal Wear. Approaching the zenith of wear, the spine and aperture of the knife betray the presence of conspicuous scratches and signs of wear, with lesser blemishes scattered along the remaining blade edges.

Pattern difference

In the realm of the M9 Bayonet | Fade, the pattern index is the arbiter of the skin's chromatic balance. The most coveted pattern, known as the '100% Fade' or 'Full Fade,' features a regal purple at the blade's tip, cascading into a gradient that envelops the guard's ring. A close kin, the '99% Fade' or 'pseudo Full Fade,' bears a striking resemblance with only minute variations, while the '98% Fade' is also held in high esteem, marked by a diminution of purple.

Skin Features

The M9 Bayonet | Fade is classified as Covert in quality. It is part of the illustrious 'Fade' series and offers the option of a StatTrak device to track one's triumphs.

Skin popularity

Despite its status as one of the most sought-after skins in the arsenal of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the M9 Bayonet | Fade is seldom witnessed on the battlefield, its scarcity a direct consequence of its exorbitant value.

Relevant Prices for ★ M9 Bayonet

Relevant prices for Fade skin on vpesports are listed below.

Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 2462.06
$ 2124.66
★ StatTrak™
$ 2105.79
$ 1261.06


CS:GO Weapon Case

11 Total: 3 Default, 2 Covert, 3 Classified, 4 Restricted, 4 Mil Spec