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Description of Case Hardened

Appearance history

The MAC-10 | Case Hardened graced the virtual armory of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the autumnal equinox of 2021, specifically on September 22. This occurred amidst the grand unveiling of The 2021 Dust 2 Collection, coinciding with the commencement of Operation Riptide.

Pattern description

Adorning the receiver of the MAC-10 is a case-hardening process that has imparted a mosaic of azure, golden, and amethystine hues. The weapon's remaining surfaces are devoid of coloration.

Effect of float

Spanning the gamut from pristine to battle-scarred, the MAC-10 | Case Hardened boasts a Float Value spectrum of 0.00 to 1.00. The weapon's body remains unmarred by scratches or scuffs. In the vicinity of maximal wear, a patina envelops the receiver, casting a considerably more somber tone upon the skin.

Pattern difference

In the realm of texture overlays, the pattern index is the determinant. Among the myriad variations, those with an abundance of unblemished azure on the business side—termed 'Blue Gem'—are lauded as the pinnacle of rarity and value. Conversely, patterns dominated by yellow are frequently encountered.

Skin Features

The MAC-10 | Case Hardened is categorized as Restricted in quality. It is also available in a souvenir iteration and is part of the illustrious 'Case Hardened' lineage.

Skin popularity

In the current milieu of the game, the MAC-10 | Case Hardened enjoys a considerable degree of favor, frequently making its presence known.

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 106.29
$ 99.26
$ 94.68
$ 94.95
$ 92.56
$ 69.01
$ 21.54
$ 14.05
$ 11.45
$ 11.15


Antwerp 2022 Dust II Souvenir Package

19 Total: 2 Covert, 3 Classified, 4 Restricted, 5 Mil Spec, 5 Industrial Grade, 6 Consumer Grade