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Description of Impire

Appearance history

The MP7 | Impire was inducted into the pantheon of virtual armaments on the 17th of February, 2016, amidst the unveiling of The Wildfire Collection, coinciding with the commencement of Operation Wildfire. The aesthetic was envisaged and brought to fruition by the artist known as daniDem.

Pattern description

Enveloped in an umbrageous hue of umber, the chassis of this submachine gun is festooned with a legion of impish figures, rendered in a whimsical, illustrated manner. The palette employed in this design is a mélange of obsidian, amber, and a spectrum of verdant tints.

Effect of float

The MP7 | Impire's Float Value oscillates between the nadir of 0.00 and the zenith of 0.40, positioning it within the grasp of all states of preservation, save for the war-torn visage of Battle-Scarred. Even when newly minted, in the Factory New guise, the armament bears minute marks of wear. The escalation of usage manifests as more pronounced abrasions, which gradually unveil the underlying sepia tone.

Pattern difference

The pattern index plays the role of a maestro, conducting the symphony of texture overlays. However, this piece is devoid of any elusive or extraordinary pattern variations.

Skin Features

The MP7 | Impire boasts the designation of Restricted quality. It also comes with the possibility of being equipped with a StatTrak counter, for those who wish to chronicle their triumphs.

Skin popularity

In the current climate, the MP7 | Impire enjoys a reputation of moderate renown.

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 5.31
$ 3.31
$ 2.54
$ 2.25
★ StatTrak™
$ 10.04
$ 7.65
$ 6.88
$ 4.13


Operation Wildfire Case

16 Total: 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 6 Restricted, 7 Mil Spec