Nova | Caged Steel

Nova | Caged Steel

The Bank Collection

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Description of Caged Steel

Appearance history

On the inaugural day of May in the year 2014, the armament known as Nova | Caged Steel made its debut, emerging as a constituent of The Bank Collection. This assemblage was unveiled in tandem with the update aptly titled 'The Hunt Begins'.

Pattern description

Enveloped in a lustrous coat of slate-hued metallic paint, the shotgun's body is further embellished with a dark gray lattice of hexagons. A meshwork of black, oval apertures overlays the design, while the handguard remains untouched by the painter's hand.

Effect of float

The skin's Float Value oscillates between a pristine 0.00 and a modest 0.20, thereby restricting Nova | Caged Steel to the echelons of Factory New, Minimal Wear, and Field-Tested conditions. Even in its most immaculate state, one can discern minute scuffs on select portions of its frame. As the wear encroaches upon the upper threshold, both the frequency and magnitude of these blemishes escalate.

Pattern difference

Intricacies of the pattern index influence the veneer's texture, yet this particular model eschews the existence of any rare or extraordinary pattern variances.

Skin Features

The Nova | Caged Steel is classified as Industrial Grade in terms of quality. This skin eschews the availability of a StatTrak counter and offers no variant for collectors of souvenir items.

Skin popularity

In the contemporary landscape of the game, Nova | Caged Steel enjoys a reputation of considerable favor, frequently making its presence known.

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 0.15
$ 0.11
$ 0.09


16 Total: 2 Restricted, 2 Classified, 4 Mil Spec, 6 Industrial Grade, 7 Consumer Grade