P90 | Nostalgia

P90 | Nostalgia

The CS20 Collection

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Description of Nostalgia

Appearance history

On the 18th day of October in the year 2019, the P90 | Nostalgia was ushered into existence as a fragment of The CS20 Collection, accompanying the unveiling of the 'Cache and Release' update. Crafted by the hands of denstarsk8 alongside Apel, it emerged into the virtual armory.

Pattern description

Embellished with a panoply of inscriptions in the graffiti idiom, the chassis of this submachine gun exudes artistry. The buttstock boasts a depiction of a counter-terrorist, set against a palette that marries the starkness of white and black with the vibrancy of orange, and an array of blues and greens.

Effect of float

The P90 | Nostalgia's Float Value oscillates between 0.00 and 0.57, ensuring its availability across the spectrum of conditions. Even when pristine, the weapon's frame exhibits minute signs of wear. As it verges on the zenith of weariness, the abrasions burgeon considerably.

Pattern difference

The visual essence of the skin remains unaltered by the whims of the pattern index.

Skin Features

Classified in quality, the P90 | Nostalgia is endowed with a StatTrak feature. Its design is a homage to the iconic loading screen of Counter-Strike 1.6, evoking a sense of nostalgia.

Skin popularity

As of the current epoch, the P90 | Nostalgia enjoys a reputation of moderate esteem amongst enthusiasts.

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 12.19
$ 8.31
$ 5.83
$ 5.70
$ 5.22
★ StatTrak™
$ 28.45
$ 15.42
$ 12.35
$ 8.88
$ 9.60


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