PP-Bizon | Embargo

PP-Bizon | Embargo

The Shattered Web Collection

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Description of Embargo

Appearance history

On the 18th of November, 2019, amidst the unveiling of Operation Shattered Web, the PP-Bizon | Embargo made its debut as a constituent of The Shattered Web Collection.

Pattern description

Adorned in a hue of cerulean, the PP-Bizon's chassis boasts a motif of ecru flames near the muzzle, interspersed with assorted vignettes of archaic promotional decals. The magazine showcases a mélange of tangerine shades, punctuated by the 'Flammable' insignia. A simulacrum of bubble wrap graces the grip, while the weapon's facade bears the marks of deliberate antiquation.

Effect of float

The PP-Bizon | Embargo's Float Value spans from a pristine 0.00 to a well-worn 1.00, ensuring its availability across all states of wear. Even in its most immaculate Factory New guise, minuscule signs of wear are discernible. As the wear approaches its zenith, the abrasions proliferate and deepen, casting a more somber tone over the skin.

Pattern difference

The visual essence of the skin remains unaltered by the whims of the pattern index.

Skin Features

The PP-Bizon | Embargo is categorized as Restricted quality and offers the coveted StatTrak technology for tracking triumphs.

Skin popularity

Presently, the PP-Bizon | Embargo enjoys a reputation of moderate acclaim amongst enthusiasts.

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 6.37
$ 3.10
$ 1.80
$ 1.39
$ 1.07
★ StatTrak™
$ 17.02
$ 8.68
$ 2.60
$ 2.31
$ 2.22


Shattered Web Case

17 Total: 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 6 Restricted, 8 Mil Spec