★ Shadow Daggers | Lore

★ Shadow Daggers | Lore

Class of skin

Wear limits

Inspection of skin in CS 2

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Description of Lore

Appearance history

The inception of Shadow Daggers | Lore into the virtual armory occurred on the autumnal equinox of 2021, precisely on September 22, coinciding with the commencement of Operation Riptide. Enthusiasts may procure this skin from the trove known as the Operation Riptide Case.

Pattern description

The aesthetic essence of the skin draws its muse from the mythical AWP | Dragon Lore. Adorned in aureate hues, the blades boast a diaphanous design reminiscent of medieval tapestries. The sharpened margins are embellished with a sepia-toned Celtic filigree.

Effect of float

The Shadow Daggers | Lore exhibit a Float Value spectrum stretching from the pristine 0.00 to a battle-hardened 1.00, ensuring their presence across all states of wear. In the Field-Tested echelon, the knives begin to display scuffs and scars. As the wear approaches its zenith, the abrasions proliferate, becoming more conspicuous and casting a somber shadow over the skin's luster.

Pattern difference

Variations in the pattern index are inconsequential to the visual integrity of the Shadow Daggers | Lore.

Skin Features

The Shadow Daggers | Lore are distinguished by their Covert quality. They are further augmented with the option for StatTrak technology and are a proud constituent of the esteemed 'Lore' collection.

Skin popularity

In the current epoch, the Shadow Daggers | Lore have garnered considerable acclaim, frequently making their presence known within the game's milieu.

Relevant Prices for ★ Shadow Daggers

Relevant prices for Lore skin on vpesports are listed below.

Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 385.44
$ 200.73
$ 170.12
$ 148.81
$ 137.18
★ StatTrak™
$ 407.55
$ 217.35
$ 168.62
$ 167.40
$ 160.47


Dreams & Nightmares Case

17 Total: 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 6 Restricted, 8 Mil Spec