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Description of Avalanche

Appearance history

In the heart of winter's embrace, on December 8, 2015, the Tec-9 | Avalanche made its debut as a constituent of The Revolver Case Collection. This collection emerged in tandem with the festive 'CS:GO's Winter Update', and the skin's genesis is attributed to the creative collective known as Guardian Gear.

Pattern description

Fashioned with a dynamic, athletic aesthetic, the Tec-9 | Avalanche boasts a magazine and partial receiver embellished with an enigmatic motif, a fusion of alabaster and cerulean hues. The weapon's remaining chassis, untouched by the brush, is accentuated with graphic adornments, a medley of linear and sinuous ivory bands. Its grip is enhanced with slate-hued textured inlays, crowned with an emblematic circlet encapsulating the letter 'A'. The ensemble is punctuated with tangerine highlights scattered across the armament's anatomy.

Effect of float

The Tec-9 | Avalanche's Float Value spans from the pristine 0.00 to the battle-hardened 1.00, ensuring its presence across all states of wear. In the Minimal Wear condition, the firearm begins to exhibit minor scuffs. As wear encroaches upon the upper echelons, abrasions proliferate modestly in both size and frequency, imparting a discernible duskiness to the skin.

Pattern difference

It is noteworthy that the pattern index holds no sway over the Tec-9 | Avalanche's visual presentation.

Skin Features

The Tec-9 | Avalanche is distinguished by its 'Restricted' quality tier. Additionally, this skin is available with the StatTrak technology, a coveted feature for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Skin popularity

As of the present day, the Tec-9 | Avalanche enjoys a substantial following, frequently showcased in the virtual battlegrounds of CS:GO.

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 3.69
$ 1.83
$ 0.92
$ 0.61
$ 0.57
★ StatTrak™
$ 12.70
$ 5.45
$ 2.50
$ 1.91
$ 1.76


Revolver Case

17 Total: 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 7 Restricted, 7 Mil Spec