Cosmic Concoctioneers - Arms

Cosmic Concoctioneers - Arms






Appearance history

Stellar Mixologists - Appendages is an aesthetic overlay for the Alchemist character. This particular overlay was integrated into the virtual realm on the first of September in the year 2021. Its inception is credited to an artist known as Hreak.

Skin Features

Classified under the Mythical tier, the Stellar Mixologists - Appendages overlay occupies the 'arms' category within the character's customization options. This overlay is singular in its presentation, lacking any variant styles. Presently, the item is sequestered from the exchange market.

Skin popularity

Currently, the Stellar Mixologists - Appendages overlay remains elusive in the gaming sphere, not gracing the compendium of widely acclaimed skins, and is seldom witnessed in the virtual clashes.

Included in set

Cosmic Concoctioneers - Arms is a part of a set

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