Heartless Hunt - Off-Hand

Heartless Hunt - Off-Hand






Appearance history

The enigmatic 'Heartless Hunt - Off-Hand' serves as an aesthetic extension for the Bounty Hunter persona. This particular embellishment was integrated into the virtual armory on the 30th of June, in the year 2020, and sprang from the creative wellspring of an artist known as 澈水.

Skin Features

Esteemed as Mythical in scarcity, the 'Heartless Hunt - Off-Hand' is devoid of variant styles. As of the current epoch, the artifact remains elusive, shrouded from the realm of exchange.

Skin popularity

In the contemporary tableau of virtual combat, the 'Heartless Hunt - Off-Hand' is seldom witnessed, absent from the annals of prevalent skins, its presence within the game is as an apparition, fleeting and infrequent.

Included in set

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