Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Head

Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Head








Appearance history

The visage dubbed Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Head, a distinctive carapace for Brewmaster, made its debut in the digital arena on the inaugural day of September in the year 2021. Crafted by the artisan Papaguj, its emergence marked a new aesthetic for aficionados.

Skin Features

Esteemed as a Rare treasure, the Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Head adorns the 'head' category when donned. Bereft of variant guises, this singular piece currently finds itself ensconced in the realm of trade, accessible to those seeking its unique charm.

Skin popularity

In the current chronicle of favored armaments, the Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Head finds itself absent, a spectral rarity within the game's vast tapestry, seldom witnessed in the throes of virtual battle.

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