Dress of Forbidden Medicine

Dress of Forbidden Medicine






Appearance history

Garb of Prohibited Alchemy, a distinctive attire for Dazzle, entered the game's pantheon on the fourteenth day of May in the year 2019. The brainchild of the artisan known as style_d, this ensemble was brought into existence.

Skin Features

This mythical garb, known as the Dress of Forbidden Medicine, adorns the 'legs' category when donned. Devoid of variant styles, the attire stands singular in its design. As of the present, commerce for this item remains a future possibility, not yet realized.

Skin popularity

In the current gaming epoch, the Dress of Forbidden Medicine finds itself absent from the roster of coveted skins, its presence within the virtual battlegrounds a rarity.

Included in set

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10 Total: 3 Mythical, 2 Rare, 5 Uncommon