Belt of the Long Night

Belt of the Long Night








Appearance history

Enshrouded in the cryptic shadows, the 'Belt of the Long Night' serves as an ethereal garment for the harbinger of silence, Death Prophet. This attire, woven into existence on the 28th of November in the year 2018, is the brainchild of the artisan known as Nikey.

Skin Features

An object of uncommon allure, the 'Belt of the Long Night' boasts the classification of Rare. When adorned, it occupies the 'belt' niche in one's arsenal. This vestment stands singular, devoid of variant styles. In the current epoch, the article is procurable through barter.

Skin popularity

In the current tableau of the gaming realm, the 'Belt of the Long Night' finds itself shrouded from the limelight, seldom making an apparition amidst the digital battlegrounds.

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