Emanations of the Worldcore Arms

Emanations of the Worldcore Arms






Appearance history

The 'Emanations of the Worldcore Arms' serves as an aesthetic enhancement for Earth Spirit, having been integrated into the game's pantheon of cosmetics on the twelfth of November in the year 2020. Its inception is credited to the designer known as Keanhotshine.

Skin Features

This particular garb, known as 'Emanations of the Worldcore Arms,' is classified as Rare. When adorned, it occupies the 'arms' category within the character's inventory. Unlike some of its counterparts, this skin lacks variant styles. Presently, the item is not listed in the marketplace for exchange.

Skin popularity

Presently, the 'Emanations of the Worldcore Arms' garners little attention amidst the game's vast array of skins, its presence in the virtual arena is an infrequent spectacle.

Included in set

Emanations of the Worldcore Arms is a part of a set

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