Caerulean Star - Neck

Caerulean Star - Neck






Appearance history

The Enchantress's attire, known as Caerulean Star - Neck, entered the digital cosmos of the game on the twenty-first of July in the year 2021. Crafted by the artisan Sylei, this garment is a manifestation of virtual elegance.

Skin Features

This mythical garment, the Caerulean Star - Neck, adorns the Enchantress as a singular piece without the variance of styles. Presently, it remains an elusive treasure, beyond the grasp of trade and barter.

Skin popularity

In the current gaming epoch, the Caerulean Star - Neck is a rarity, seldom glimpsed upon the battlefields, not yet counted among the coveted pantheon of popular skins.

Included in set

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