Augur of Oblivion - Arms

Augur of Oblivion - Arms






Appearance history

On the 17th of May in the year 2020, the epidermis known as Augur of Oblivion - Arms was bestowed upon the digital realm by the creators at VALVE.

Skin Features

The Augur of Oblivion - Arms, a mythical rarity item, adorns the 'arms' category of one's avatar. It boasts a singular alternative style. Currently, the item is ensconced in exclusivity, not available for barter.

Skin popularity

In the current epoch, the Augur of Oblivion - Arms garners little adulation amidst the pantheon of skins, its presence in the virtual arena is akin to a whisper in the wind.

Included in set

Augur of Oblivion - Arms is a part of a set

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