Infectious Amalgamate

Infectious Amalgamate


Appearance history

The distinction of Infectious Amalgamate is deemed Uncommon. Presently, the item is procurable through exchange.

Skin Features

Infectious Amalgamate adorns the enigmatic Faceless Void. The embellishment found its way into the realm on a date that defies traditional reckoning, crafted by the artisan Vermilion Wlad.

Skin popularity

While Infectious Amalgamate enjoys a reputation as a sought-after veneer, its manifestation within the game is an infrequent spectacle, attributed to its exorbitant valuation.

Relevant Prices for Infectious Amalgamate

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Current price
$ 0.04

Other sets for Faceless void

15 Total: 1 Arcana, 1 Common, 6 Rare, 4 Uncommon, 3 Mythical