Character description

Broodmother, a combatant of melee prowess, chiefly exhibits agility as her innate attribute. Predominantly, this champion is deployed in the role of a midlaner, exhibiting her peak performance during the mid-game phase.

Role description

Broodmother, when seizing early control, becomes a force of nature, virtually indomitable. Her Insatiable Hunger endows her with the prowess to lead the vanguard and inflict substantial harm upon her adversaries. With the acquisition of Aghanim's Shard, her prowess in protracted skirmishes is considerably augmented. The Silken Bola technique further complicates the opposition's efforts in combat. Her Spin Web ability endows her with exceptional agility, enabling her to traverse any impediment with ease. Yet, her principal arsenal lies within the Spawn Spiderlings skill, empowering Broodmother to intensify lane pressure and accelerate her resource accumulation. The bestowment of Aghanim's Scepter provides her with Spinner's Snare, a stratagem that proves invaluable during allies' withdrawal maneuvers or when securing strategic positions, forestalling the adversaries' capacity for sudden onslaughts.

Character lore

For aeons, nestled within the obsidian caverns beneath Mount Pyrotheos' smouldering caldera, dwelled Black Arachnia, known as the Broodmother. Subsequently, the Vizier of Greed erected his ziggurat upon the dormant volcano's flanks, beckoning a horde of plunderers. An inadvertent act of destruction against a diminutive arachnid by one such marauder ignited Broodmother's wrath. Emerged she has, from her subterranean sanctum, vowing to expunge every interloper from the face of the earth, pledging to persist until the assurance of a secure haven for her burgeoning brood is absolute, even if it necessitates confronting every Hero.