Character description

Jakiro, the entity of dual essence, is a being of considerable range and intellect. Ordinarily enlisted for support, this character thrives in the tumultuous phases of commencement and median play.

Role description

Within the echelons of support, Jakiro distinguishes himself as a formidable ally during the laning phase, courtesy of his Dual Breath and Liquid Fire talents, which permit him to vex even the most formidable adversaries and engage in advantageous combat exchanges. Yet, it is within the maelstrom of skirmishes that his true efficacy is unveiled, as each of his skills unfurls an area of effect. The Ice Path talent ensnares numerous foes simultaneously, while Macropyre compels adversaries to vacate their positions, thus disrupting their combat formation. With the acquisition of Aghanim's Scepter, his prowess extends into the late game, and the addition of Aghanim's Shard augments Jakiro's capacity to dismantle enemy bastions and attenuate their offensive might.

Character lore

In the realm of sorcerous creatures, the anomaly that is a diarchic drake stands apart. By some capricious twist of the cosmos, the aberration known as Jakiro emerged from a solitary ovum, embodying within one corpus the vast spectrum of capabilities inherent to the Pyrexae kin. Confined within the framework of its grotesque physique, the elemental forces of frost and flame amalgamate, rendering no adversary secure.



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