Tail of Chimeric Rapport

Tail of Chimeric Rapport








Appearance history

The Tail of Chimeric Rapport, a distinctive cosmetic for Jakiro, made its debut within the digital confines of the game on the thirteenth of September in the year 2018. Its inception is credited to the imaginative prowess of an individual known by the moniker Keanhotshine.

Skin Features

Esteemed as a collectible of Rare classification, the Tail of Chimeric Rapport boasts a singular design without the option for stylistic variations. Presently, this item is available within the marketplace, awaiting exchange.

Skin popularity

Currently, the Tail of Chimeric Rapport does not bask in the limelight of popularity among its counterparts, its presence within the game is an infrequent spectacle.

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$ 0.68

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