Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light






Character description

A character of considerable range, Keeper of the Light embodies intellect as his core attribute. Predominantly, this hero graces the arduous lane, offering support. His prowess peaks in the midst of the game's intermediate stages.

Role description

As a stalwart ally in the fray, Keeper of the Light shines in the tumult of mass conflict. His 'Illuminate' endowment not only facilitates the reaping of creep battalions but also shines in adversary hero congregations, offering salvation to comrades with 'Spirit Form.' This ethereal state bestows not only agility but also the 'Blinding Light' incantation, a bane to adversaries reliant on their martial prowess. 'Solar Bind' augments the Keeper's mystical onslaught upon decelerated foes, while 'Chakra Magic' rejuvenates both the Keeper and his allies, enabling a more frequent weave of their arcane tapestries. Procuring Aghanim's Shard bequeaths the 'Recall' skill, a boon for ally extrication or summoning. The acquisition of Aghanim's Scepter empowers him with 'Will-O-Wisp,' tipping the scales in team skirmishes by hindering foes within its sphere of influence.

Character lore

An ancient force, Keeper of the Light emerged sentient at the cosmos' inception, traversing all dimensions simultaneously, a single stride ahead of the encroaching pandemonium. Confronted by chaos or the umbral legions, his primordial radiance surges, unveiling his formidable essence, and once more he stands as a colossus to be reckoned with.