Lone Druid

Lone Druid






Character description

Sylla, known as Lone Druid, wields the capacity to alternate between ranged assault and the robustness of close combat. This agile combatant is typically deployed in the demanding role of a hardlaner. His prowess is most pronounced during the crescendo of the mid-game and as the endgame approaches.

Role description

Sylla presents a formidable challenge on the battlefield, courtesy of his Summon Spirit Bear ability, which calls forth a bear capable of acting autonomously like a secondary combatant. His potential to raze structures is particularly formidable. In the throes of battle, vanquishing Lone Druid is no trifling task, especially when he has invoked True Form, transforming him into a stalwart vanguard. The Spirit Link forges a resilient bond between the hero and his ursine companion, fortifying their endurance. Savage Roar is his tactical retreat, a means to elude pursuers or thwart an adversary's attempt at flight or skill deployment. With Aghanim's Shard in his possession, this ability extends its boon to allies in proximity. The acquisition of Aghanim's Scepter bestows the Spirit Bear with heightened autonomy, safeguarding Lone Druid from impending threats.

Character lore

Forgotten by legend and the relentless march of time, the tale of the Bear Clan, Sylla, and the Seed faded into obscurity. For eons, Sylla has remained in solitude, anticipating a sign from his deities, yearning for the cessation of endless conflicts, cloistered in exile, awaiting the epoch's end to fulfill his hallowed obligation. He readies himself to vanquish any force that dares to hinder his sacred mission to sow the Seed.




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