Tools of the Haruspex Set

Tools of the Haruspex Set


Appearance history

This 'Tools of the Haruspex' ensemble bears the classification of Mythical. When adorned, it occupies the 'Bundle' niche. Presently, this item is procurable through exchange.

Skin Features

The 'Tools of the Haruspex' Set serves as an aesthetic modification for the Lone Druid. Its inception into the digital realm occurred on an unrecorded date, credited to the craftsmanship of Timex.

Skin popularity

Having made its debut in the virtual armory not long ago, the 'Tools of the Haruspex' Set enjoys a burgeoning vogue among the gaming fellowship.

Relevant Prices for Tools of the Haruspex Set

Relevant prices for skin on vpesports are listed below.

Claw of the Haruspex
Cloak of the Haruspex
Gilded Mark of the Haruspex
Sacrificial Blade of the Haruspex
Spirit of Calm
$ 0.00
$ 0.01
$ 0.01
$ 0.01
$ 0.40

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