Nyx Assassin

Nyx Assassin






Character description

The Nyx Assassin emerges as a melee combatant, brandishing agility as his quintessential attribute. This formidable hero is predominantly deployed to the hard lane in a support capacity, excelling during the nascent and intermediate stages of the game.

Role description

In the tumult of battle, Nyx Assassin stands as an invaluable warrior, wielding his abilities like Impale and Mana Burn to great effect. His Spiked Carapace is adept at disrupting enemy onslaughts, and his ultimate ability, Vendetta, transforms him into an efficient reconnaissance operative. The augmentation provided by Aghanim's Shard bestows upon him enhanced agility, while Aghanim's Scepter bequeaths the Burrow ability, trading a measure of his swiftness for augmented resilience—an asset of considerable worth when tasked with defense or engaging adversaries from afar.

Character lore

Nyx Assassin's genesis diverged from his kin; unlike the sluggish intellect and dulled limbs typical of his colony's grubs post-metamorphosis, he was anointed by the deity Nyx herself. Singularly chosen, he was endowed with a destiny of the utmost honor. Post-transformation, by Nyx's benevolence, he was endowed with proficiencies that honed him into a singular instrument of assassination, devoted to executing the divine will of his goddess.