Armor of the Anointed

Armor of the Anointed






Appearance history

The Armor of the Anointed, an item of Mythical rarity, is presently on the market for exchange.

Skin Features

Designed by the illustrious BxBx, the Armor of the Anointed serves as a distinctive carapace for the Nyx Assassin. This armor was woven into the fabric of the game on the 19th of July in the year 2018.

Skin popularity

The Armor of the Anointed enjoys a considerable degree of favor among players, frequently making its presence known within the game's milieu.

Included in set

Armor of the Anointed is a part of a set

Other sets for Nyx assassin

16 Total: 2 Common, 4 Rare, 6 Mythical, 4 Uncommon