Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend






Character description

Shadow Fiend, an entity of ranged prowess, boasts agility as his quintessential attribute. Predominantly, this formidable combatant assumes the role of a midlaner, excelling in the initial and intermediate phases of the skirmish.

Role description

With the sinister Shadoraze at his disposal, Shadow Fiend asserts dominance in his domain from the outset. The spell not only excels in lane control but also in the swift reaping of neutral beasts. His Presence of the Dark Lord skill renders him a formidable adversary against those clad in armor or those who summon minions in the throes of battle. Necromastery bestows upon him a formidable onslaught potential in the dawn of the contest. Requiem of the Souls harbors the capacity to vanquish nearly any foe, a boon during tumultuous clashes. The acquisition of Aghanim's Shard refines Necromastery, a strategic choice for those who tread the path of physical destruction. Meanwhile, Aghanim's Scepter enhances the Requiem, augmenting its devastation and fortifying the hero's resilience.

Character lore

Across the eons, Nevermore, known as the Shadow Fiend, has ensnared the essences of scribes, clerics, sovereigns, mendicants, thralls, thinkers, malefactors, and valorous souls. His malevolence is such, his penumbra so overwhelming, that no lucid consciousness can fathom its depths. Should one seek to unravel the enigma of the purloined spirits, there exists a singular, ominous path: consign your own essence to his ghastly trove.