Murder of Souls Shoulders

Murder of Souls Shoulders






Appearance history

Enshrouded in enigma, the 'Murder of Souls Shoulders' serves as an ethereal garment for the enigmatic Shadow Fiend. This particular epidermis made its debut in the digital cosmos on the 7th day of December in the year 2019, a creation sprung from the imaginative forge of an artisan known as Toasty.

Skin Features

An item of uncommon allure, the 'Murder of Souls Shoulders' is classified as Rare. When donned, it adorns the 'shoulder' slot, a singular piece without the capacity for stylistic metamorphosis. Presently, this artifact remains elusive, shrouded from the realm of exchange.

Skin popularity

In the current epoch, the 'Murder of Souls Shoulders' finds itself absent from the echelons of prevalent skins, its presence within the game's theatres of conflict a scarce spectacle.

Included in set

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