Character description

Visage, an entity of ranged combat, wields intelligence as its foremost attribute. Predominantly, this hero assumes the role of a midlaner, exhibiting prowess in the initial and intermediate stages of the skirmish.

Role description

Armed with the capacity to inflict substantial harm upon both adversaries and their fortifications, Visage is a formidable presence. The ability Grave Chill augments his prowess in securing the demise of creeps during the laning phase, as well as in the pursuit of foes. Soul Assumption empowers Visage to engage in combat with heightened efficacy, rendering the character a perilous force in the game's nascent stages. Gravekeeper's Cloak bestows enhanced resilience upon the hero, and the acquisition of Aghanim's Shard fortifies his ability to withstand assaults from virtually any antagonist. The invocation of Summon Familiars permits Visage to conjure Gargoyles, which are instrumental in his conquest over adversaries and in accelerating the destruction of enemy edifices during the early to middle game. The procurement of Aghanim's Scepter endows the hero with the Silent as the Grave ability, a boon that cloaks him and his summoned entities, enabling surreptitious movement and the element of surprise in assaults upon the enemy.

Character lore

Should a wayward spirit endeavor to elude its destined demise, Necro'lic, the relentless pursuer, ensnares the absconding spirit. With neither compassion nor cessation, Visage hunts, obliterating sanctuaries that might harbor the elusive quintessence. Though the deceased might find resurgence, Visage's inexorable pursuit ensures their eventual return to the ordained abyss.