Character description

Windranger, an entity of the arcane, excels in ranged combat. Intelligence, her quintessential attribute, guides her actions. Predominantly, she is chosen for the role of a midlaner, where her prowess is most potent during the mid-phase of the skirmish.

Role description

Windranger boasts considerable agility, adept at vanquishing solitary foes. Her 'Focus Fire' skill permits her to inflict substantial harm upon a chosen quarry, and with the acquisition of essential artifacts, this incantation maintains its potency into the waning stages of the conflict. 'Shackleshot' empowers her to commence an onslaught, while 'Powershot' ensures the demise of a target from afar. 'Powershot' also proves invaluable in the harvesting of both lane and neutral adversaries. 'Windrun' endows her with the fortitude to withstand numerous assaults. This enchantment shines brightest when countering physically formidable champions, and the procurement of Aghanim's Scepter further enhances her evasiveness. 'Gale Force', a maelstrom of control unleashed by the Aghanim's Shard, entraps adversaries within its vast expanse, hindering their offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Character lore

In the aftermath of a calamitous tempest, only Lyralei, a neonate, was spared. Amidst the silence that followed the maelstrom, the zephyrs themselves bore witness to the fortunate infant's cries amidst the verdure. As the seasons turned, the breezes would sporadically visit the youngling, observing from afar as she refined her archery. Her velocity is akin to a blur, propelled as though by an ever-present tailwind. With a tempest of arrows, she decimates her adversaries, ascending to the precipice of becoming an elemental tempest incarnate.


Offhand Weapons